Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wedding in a Castle - wow

Across the plains of time Scotland's castles have stood as guardians of her heritage and identity. Their great walls have witnessed the coming and going of Lords and Lairds of great warriors and noblemen. Names such as Borthwick, Dalhousie, Dundas, Edinburgh and Stirling, bore witness to magnificent armies, to poets and lovers.
The experience of getting married in one of these Scottish Castles, of walking down the isle in the footsteps of Kings and Queens is second to none as you become part of history. Imagine the banquets, stately dinners and balls that have taken place in the great halls of these Scottish Castles. In olden times this was where Dukes, Earls, Lords and Lairds of the land entertained Royalty and the aristocrats, it's where our kings and Queens were born and raised and where today some of our nobility, aristocrats and many of our leading families in the country still reside.

courtesy of Scottish Castle Weddings

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