Friday, June 15, 2012

There are so many wonderful Bride and Wedding Magazines out there, with stunning sections on Venues, Bridal Gowns, Dress Designers, Wedding Hair, Florists, Jewellery, Wedding Make –up, Stationary, Wedding Cake, Venue Decoration, Favours, Planners and Co-ordinators, Wedding Etiquette and Honeymoons but hardly a mention of one of the most important factors of a wedding – just how is the bride going to get to the Church?
I would love to see more write ups on all the wonderful wedding transport there is out there- not just a few ads in the back of the magazine!  Perhaps wedding cars are just not sexy enough!
Is it wise to ask a friend or family member to take the bride to Church or venue on her wedding day? The car may be unreliable, cramped and dirty.
Wedding Car Hire is not expensive in the whole scheme of things. Thousands of pounds are spent on the venue, catering, venue dressing and the honeymoon. Slightly less on the wedding gown, wedding cake, flowers and photography.
Are today's brides uninterested in how they arrive for their wedding, a once in a lifetime event? Arriving in style is so important, it sets the scene for the wedding from when the bride is collected from her home and one of the first memories is opening the door on her wedding day to be greeted by a wedding car waiting to take her on her last journey as a single person.
It just wouldn’t be the same getting into uncle’s rusty old banger and getting engine oil on your dress!

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