Saturday, June 2, 2012

When I was little, many moons ago, like so may little girls we would dress up in our mums 'best' clothes put her shoes on a and pretend to be princess.  When we got older we dreamed of meeting a prince and getting married, then our imaginations would run away with us! We would keep cuttings of our favorite wedding dresses, look at venues and imagine being there with all our friends.
This is still the case and planning your wedding is so very exciting.
Each of us is an individual with unique style.
There are so may wonderful wedding dress designers to choose from.
Just look at these fab designs by Claire Pettibone -  just so very stunning and elegant!

Design below courtesy of

Then there is the venue and which type, old, modern, castle, marquee, beach, the list is endless.
And how to arrive there in comfort, style, elegance, and presence.  This is where 1st Wedding Cars can make your day even more special.
Our very stunning silver 'Baby Bentley' is a every inch an imposing car which offers total comfort and lots of room for your wedding dress. I love to dress the car in elegant chiffon bows and ribbons, all bespoke and made to order to compliment your colour theme,

more to follow soon x

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